10 Weskus eetplekke wat die honger en die siel sal stil

Dit is weer daardie tyd van die jaar; verlof is in, die Kersfees bonus brand in die sak en avontuur lê en wag om elke hoek en draai. Ons besluit om die Weskus Pad (R27) aan te pak om die lus te tem. Nog voor jy jou bestemming bereik in een van die Weskus dorpies… Read more »

Foodie Route – a family affair

The West Coast Way – Foodie Route takes you to Hopefield then head off towards the ocean to explore the wild, unspoiled St Helena Bay coastline, which includes Paternoster and the Noisy Oyster restaurant.

A milestone event of great significance

It was with great anticipation that I bumped up the dirt track to !Khwa ttu on Friday afternoon (28 November) to attend the West Coast Biodiversity Corridor Initiative Milestone Event and the launch of West Coast Way Routes: Culture and the Foodie Route. The prestigious event, held at the !Khwa ttu conference centre and attended… Read more »

Paternoster Seafood Festival – fun in the West Coast sun

One of the things I love most about the West Coast is that the area offers enough distance from Cape Town to hit the road and take a road trip – but not so far that it can’t also be just a day trip. And a day trip is exactly what I set out for… Read more »

Exploring the Cape West Coast

Exploring the Cape West Coast Yesterday we decided to explore the Cape West Coast – an area full of surprises. Without much planning (the only plan was to do the trip on a bike but the wind had other ideas) we set out on the R27, destination unknown, my mom and I on a ‘rekkie’… Read more »

Biodiversity and tourism on the Cape West Coast

Tourism is one of the world’s fastest growing sectors and, over the last decade, nature and adventure travel has emerged as the fastest growing segment of the industry. These days, rather than visit bustling cities, many travelers are attracted by natural landscapes which harbour significant and unique biodiversity and they are looking to visit unspoilt… Read more »

Peter Chadwick: Conservation photography & West Coast Birding

Are you an avid photographer? Do you enjoy birding, nature trails or spending time in the outdoors? What is your favourite South African destination? “South Africans are spoilt,” is a common theme that comes up in conversations around braais.  “We have so much natural beauty around us, but we don’t realize it until we travel… Read more »

A morning with Dr Dan Sleigh and the Friends of the Blaauwberg Conservation Area

I was very honoured to be invited to a presentation by award winning historian and author, Dan Sleigh, at the Education Centre at Eerste Steen in the Blaauwberg Nature Reserve. Arriving bright and early on a Saturday morning, I was looked forward the presentation as I had heard Dan Sleigh speak once before and had… Read more »

Culture Route on the West Coast Way

The West Coast has always held a special charm for me, and I have many wonderful memories of numerous road trips taken in the company of colourful people, buoyed up at the prospect of unspoilt beaches and perfect waves. It’s been a while since I explored this vibrant part of the Western Cape, and on… Read more »

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