St Helena Bay

An unspoiled coastline, stunning sea views, and sparkling surf make St Helena Bay a very special all-year destination, especially for outdoor and nature lovers.

Located on the West Coast Way Foodie Route

St Helena Bay


St Helena Bay is located on the West Coast Way Foodie Route. The actual bay of St Helena stretches from Dwarskersbos in the north, past Shelley Point peninsula, to Cape St Martin in the west, traversing a total of 18 bays with intriguing names such as Hannasbaai and Vioolbaai, each with its own unique attractions.

Yachtsmen, canoeists, and surfers love the waters here and, being at the southernmost point of the migratory route from Europe and the Steppes of Russia, the area is also a birder’s paradise.

Fed by the nutrient-rich Benguela Current, St Helena Bay is one of the world’s prime fishing areas and its waters provide a valuable livelihood to many locals as well as an abundance of food for the dolphins and Southern Right Whales which enjoy the calm waters.

Looking over St. Helena Bay lies one of the few untouched areas in the heart of the South African West Coast, Cape St Martin Private Nature reserve. It is situated in such a way that it is the only place on the West Coast where you can watch the sun rise over the sea and when the sun sets, it feels as if you become one with nature.

Travel tip: 

Shelley Point is a tiny, unspoiled peninsula that almost gives it the illusion of being an island surrounded by sea.

It lies in the calm waters of Shelley Bay which makes it ideal for sailing and fishing, and also provides shallow, safe water for children to splash about in.

There is also a golf estate offering a 9-hole golf course and a spa in the Wellness Centre, but other than that, this is truly the place to get away from it all as Shelley Point has few facilities other than the odd ATM and shop providing basic necessities.

This is the place to really unwind and relax and time is better spent taking scenic walks along the pristine beach, collecting mussels or just enjoying the sheer pleasure of the unspoiled natural beauty.

Find St Helena Bay on the West Coast Way Foodie Route.

Distance from Cape Town: 149km
Where: R27
Coordinates: 32° 45’ 29” S 18° 1’ 40” E

St Helena Bay




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