Reasons to visit Mamre in the West Coast

The Mamre Garden Club started by a group of enthusiastic gardeners from the Mamre community and they aim to get as many people from the community involved in this project.

Exploring the Culture Route with the Roaming Giraffe

Explore the Culture Route with Di Brown, the Roaming Giraffe. Featuring Mamre, !Khwa ttu and Tienie Versveld Wildflower Reserve

Responsible and Sustainable Tourism – The West Coast Way

The West Coast Way Routes offers intrepid explorers an intimate peek into the lives, heritage and craftsmanship of the people of the West Coast. In turn, every tourist visit provides the people of the West Coast a source of income, incentive to develop and much, much more.

Adventure to Mamre in the Cape West Coast

Travel with Di Brown on her West Coast Way adventure to Mamre where a 45 mins drive from Cape Town takes you back 300 years. Read more about this unique attraction full of cultural experiences…

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