WeskusBeskus – new identity launched for Cape West Coast

The coast with the most: Cape West Coast The Cape West Coast has received a catchy new title that it extremely fitting for this special part of South Africa – “Weskusbeskus”. “Weskusbeskus” is an identity that has been launched by West Coast Way, the company that has made it its mission to market and promote… Read more »

Geelbek’s Flower Tips

Geelbek’s Top Flower Tips. Geelbek Restaurant is located in the West Coast National Park provides a safe haven for the West Coast and South African heritage.

10 Weskus eetplekke wat die honger en die siel sal stil

Dit is weer daardie tyd van die jaar; verlof is in, die Kersfees bonus brand in die sak en avontuur lê en wag om elke hoek en draai. Ons besluit om die Weskus Pad (R27) aan te pak om die lus te tem. Nog voor jy jou bestemming bereik in een van die Weskus dorpies… Read more »

Useful tips for the ultimate road trip:

There are few things quite as exhilarating as hitting the open road to explore new places, sharing an adventure with friends and family and creating memories to last a lifetime. But the fantasy of just jumping in your car and heading off into the wild blue yonder will, at best, yield hilarious stories you’ll be… Read more »

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