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The West Coast Supports Rugby’s Caring Hands in South Africa – The Chris Burger Petro Jackson Players’ Fund commemorates 40 years or service and measures its Impact in 2020

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

When times are difficult, as they did get over 2020, those with resolve don’t give up, but are stimulated into action. This is why West Coast Way top brands such as Thali Thali, Piekenierskloof, Club Mykonos, Vensterklip, !Khwa ttu and Lamberts Bay’s Eagles Nest Arendzicht, contributed greatly to the Impact Report published by the Players’ Fund, released in February 2021, which showcases some of the positive stories to come out of 2020 as well as commends all those who have helped them weather difficult times in their 40th anniversary year.

Within the report which can be found here an overview of the Players’ Fund is presented with recipient stories of hope and positivity. There is also a long list included, naming all of the people and companies who supported the Players’ Fund in 2020, one of the most difficult years in the organisation’s history from a fundraising perspective.


Rugby’s Caring Hands in South Africa

For forty years, the Chris Burger Petro Jackson Players’ Fund has been Rugby’s Caring Hands in South Africa. When a South African rugby player runs onto the field, he does so with a team behind him. When this player finds him or herself having to adapt to life with a “new normal” after a serious and life-altering injury, a team approach is once again needed to lift them up. Since 1980 the Players’ Fund and every member of their support squad, joins this team, and we do so indefinitely.

Jean de Villiers – current Chairman of the Players’ Fund opens the latest edition of the Impact Report with; “There is no doubt that 2020 was a difficult time for the people of South Africa and our economies. The crisis around the COVID-19 pandemic has left no one untouched. The virus is not only claiming human lives — it is subjecting individual countries and the global political order to extraordinary stress rarely seen during times of peace. But these challenges only reinforce our resolve to continue working towards our vision – to be an internationally recognised organisation that supports the recovery and improves the quality of life of rugby players in South Africa, who have suffered serious injuries on the field, whilst promoting safer rugby.”

Visit the Players’ Fund’s website to read more about Rugby’s Caring Hands or visit their  donation page  to make a contribution. Any amount of support goes a long way to ensuring that the rugby players whose lives are changed on the field never feel forgotten by the game.

Get involved and support SA Rugby’s legacy.

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