Vygevallei Farm Stall & Wine House

Vygevallei Farm Stall & Wine House is a great stop when you enter (or leave) the West Coast, giving you a real taste of the region.

Located on the West Coast Way Culture Route

The Vygevallei Farm Stall & Wine House is located on the West Coast Way Culture Route and has a wholesome menu, you can look forward to all sorts of tasty treats, including freshly baked farm bread, homemade butter and cheeses, pasta, preserves, local wine, farm breakfasts, cakes, dried fruit, and organic herbs. They are famous for their pies, butter and a wide variety of jams and preserves.

The restaurant serves traditional food – just good and hearty! You will find the usual breakfasts, and lunch fare, expected at any popular farm stall, and special items such as liver and onions, bobotie and the like. The food is good sustenance for a weary traveller and always great value for money.

Travel tip:

The Farm Stall bakes proper farm style bread every day, just like “Ouma” used to make, and is also well known for their variety of pies. You can also find local produce, starting with Swartland’s very own range of high-quality preserves, jams and chutneys. They also offer a wide variety of produce from the area, including olive products, cheese and other dairy foods, meat, cured meat, biltong, a wide variety of gifts and much more.

Their wine shop is open 7 days a week and they offer a wide variety of locally produced wines.
There is also a small farmyard with geese, goats and ducks to keep the kids entertained.

Vygevallei is the gateway to our Foodie Route and is located on the West Coast Way Culture Route

Open 7 days a week
Location: On the R27, West Coast Road
Contact: +27 74 138 1610 | vygevallei@gmail.co.za
Vygevallei Farm Stall & Wine House


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