Wit Mossel Pot

Once a hippy, always a hippy. That is the delightful feeling you get when you walk into the Wit Mossel Pot once you observe the creative interior. Actually, the thought strikes you the first time you see this establishment from outside.

Located on the West Coast Way Wild RouteWit Mossel Pot


The Wit Mossel Pot is located on the West Coast Way Wild Route.  A painted surfboard on the wall proclaims Welcome, Peace, Love, Joy. A sign on the door admonishes you to sing. Above the door, a fish flies past. There are more surfboards, a few flowers. Look, a spread-eagled tree stump with a suggestive bikini bottom! And there, another tree stump with a pure white bikini-broekie!

Inside the furniture is recycled, brightly coloured and mismatched, just the way it should be. Hearts, buoys, ribbons and plaited fabric strips are suspended from the ceiling. It celebrates youth or takes you back to your own.

Funky metal cut-out kombi’s – they are for sale at the most reasonable price – adorn the walls. Even more surfboards.

Cast an eye over the unique surf clothing that is also available for sale. It might just be just the garment(s) you need for a laidback weekend. Or to warm your wannabe-surfer soul.

Although a sign on the wall proclaims: Food is good, Wine is better, it’s not true for the wit Mossel Pot. But they are fully licenced, by the way. These things are always important to know.

At Wit Mossel Pot they serve a mean seafood platter. Try their fresh mussel soup or white mussel pot. There’s also calamari, hake and chips or a great hamburger with chips and wraps, or toasted sandwiches for those who are not so hungry.

You don’t come here for fancy-schmancy; you come here for good no-frills cooking and the down-to-earth atmosphere. Sometimes live music is thrown into the eclectic mix.

The beach is a stone’s throw away – seating available inside or out.

They serve an even meaner Bloody Mary for breakfast, or for later in the day – I dare you, have one!

Find The Wit Mossel Pot on the West Coast Way Wild Route.

Open 7 days a week
Distance from Cape Town: 223km 
Where: Hunter St, Elands Bay
Coordinates: 32.3129° S, 18.3403° E
Contact: (c) +27 (0)82 496 8931Wit Mossel Pot



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