Hopefield Fynbos Show

25 August – 28 August 2016

Hopefield on the West Coast, is the oldest town in the Sandveld region. The town was founded in 1851 and is fast becoming very popular with day visitors and tourists, both domestic and foreign.

Hopefield Fynbos Skou

The town is situated on the banks of the Zoute River and is only a 120km drive from Cape Town along the R45 route.

The annual Hopefield Fynbos Show is a prestigious botanical exhibit that boasts over 200 different species of Fynbos from the Renosterveld, Sandveld, Rietveld and Wetland areas in the district.

The Sandveld forms part of the Greater Cederberg Biodiversity Corridor (GCBC) and is home to a number of rare, endangered and indigenous plants, birds, reptiles, amphibians and insects. This delicate biodiversity has become threatened by a changing climate, as well as potato and wheat farming in the area.

The GCBC is known as a “live in, work in” biodiversity corridor. It was established as a landscape initiative to minimise the effect of climate change by supporting the free movement of plant and animal species. This is achieved through the voluntary participation of land owners, communities and the private sector to expand conservation areas on privately owned land.

With the Sandveld biodiversity under serious threat, this show has become a showcase of community, business, local municipality and farmer’s continued dedication to conservation. This is done through creating awareness about the threatened species and the acknowledgement of the importance of the protection thereof, and has become a highlight on any botanist and gardener’s calendar.

This year the show will celebrate the show for the 27th time and it promises to, yet again, offer an authentic recreation of the 4 zones for a realistic look at the Fybos indigenous to the area. Each year’s showcase is different, so those who have visited before are still in for a treat!

Some insights into what will be on offer thanks to the town’s four distinct fynbos zones:

  •   The Renosterveld region’s vegetation is dominated by a species of grey-coloured plant called Renosterbos, most likely the reason behind its name.
  •   The Sandveld area’s vegetation consists of species of succulents and fynbos that thrive in sandy and dry climates.
  •   The Rietveld region is home to reed-like vegetation.
  •   The Wetlands are base to unique aquatic species that thrive in waterlogged soil and very

    distinct ecosystems.

A complete Herbarium will also provide visitors with an excellent reference to the species on display

and experienced guides will also be available to assist. Food and entertainment at the Show:
The show has plenty of entertainment lined up for visitors:

  •   There is the well known pop-up Fynbos show restaurant that serves incredibly affordable traditional meals, coffee and pudding,
  •   A selection of stalls will be offering a wide variety of goods for sale at the show
  •   A beer garden where local musicians entertain the crowd all weekend long.
  •   Friday night 26 August, visitors to the beer garden will be treated to juicy Hopefield steaks, live

    music and dancing

  •   Daily organ recitals at the Dutch Reformed church in Hopefield on one of only 10 Foster and

    Andrews organs that was installed in 1911 (still in use every Sunday)

  •   The Hopefield MTB Challenge will kick off at 8am on Saturday 27 August. Interested parties

    can choose between a selection of routes – to find out more, please visit their page.


We would also like to encourage visitors to the show to explore our historic town and to visit our local museum in town (entrance only R5.00). Do not miss out on a visit to Simply Bee for a selection of Fynbos honey, beeswax and propolis products from the area, or the Bee Observation centre right next door.

A visit to Moose Farmstall in the main road (Voortrekker Road) or to the Plaasmol farm stall, 5km outside of Hopefield will treat guests to a unique Hopefield experience they will not forget.

To find out more about our town, or to book accommodation at a variety of Guest Houses and self- catering stays in the area, contact our local Tourism office at: 0227231720.

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