Welcome to the top Tourism Routes of the Cape West Coast in South Africa

West Coast Way is the gateway to a 101 things to see and do in the rich diversity of flora, marine species and wildlife of the vibrant Cape West Coast in South Africa

Between the mountains of the Cape and the Atlantic Ocean is a low lying plain scattered with farms and little towns. This is the Cape West Coast in South Africa. We are blessed with the biggest natural garden in spring. For miles on end one can see the wild flowers blooming, fields of white flowers and next to it, fields of orange. The people living in this barren land, is another blessing for nowhere else in this country you will get friendlier and heartier people than here. They speak the Afrikaans language with a typical burr, that you will find only here and not in the other parts of South Africa, humorous people and a lot of fun, when you get to know them.

Free, Fun and Easy Self-Drive Routes

Beginning only 25 minutes from Cape Town on the R27and N7, there is a variety of themed and fun self-drive routes showcasing the top things to see and do in the Cape West Coast in South Africa: heritage-inspired Culture Route, the sensational Foodie Route,
the contrasting Scenic Route, the mountainous Berg Route and the off-the-beaten-track Wild Route - with a Sustainable Seafood Track and People Rocking Nature Track.

Explore the unique Cape West Coast in South Africa

The unique Cape West Coast Biosphere runs from SANCCOB in Tableview ​ to Paternoster, and back around the Darling Hills between the R27 and N7 highways. The Cape West Coast in South Africa is unspoiled and authentic, known for its hospitable people, unpretentious way of life, fascinating cultural heritage sites and myriad activities from adventure sports to bird watching. The Cape West Coast in South Africa can be divided in 3 regions, according to soil and vegetation. The Strandveld, The Swartland and The Sandveld. The Strandveld and the The Sandveld were once the bed of the sea. The Swartland, with its deep red fertile soil, derives its name from the indigenous blackish Rhenosterbush. Explore these regions and its natural habitat through the West Coast Way Routes.

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