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West Coast Way is a Destination Marketing Specialist offering top Cape West Coast Marketing focused on sustainably growing the tourist industry connecting Cape Town to the West Coast of South Africa

History of Cape West Coast Marketing

West Coast Way was established in October 2014 as a bespoke Cape West Coast Marketing business to attract tourists – locals & visitors – to the many attractions, activities and accommodation offerings throughout the year, hereby stimulating economic growth and conservation awareness via the effective development and marketing of the West Coast Way Culture Route, Foodie, Wild, Scenic and Berg Routes. West Coast Way is a unique and exciting collection of themed Routes that encourages economic growth and potential through Cape West Coast Marketing in the Cape West Coast, South Africa.

West Coast Way is a privately owned business founded by Carmen Lerm. At a formal event in November 2014 in the Cape West Coast at !Khwa ttu Culture & Education Center the Western Cape Economic Opportunities Minister Alan Winde, formally opened West Coast Way with the first route that was established within the Way, namely: Culture Route. During 2015 and 2016 more routes were launched and officiated by Shadow Minister of Tourism and Member of Parliament, James Vos. West Coast Way has 4 Routes stimulating tourism activity and confidence in the Cape West Coast, with another one to be launched in 2016/17 making the route collection to 5: Culture Route, Foodie Route, Berg Route, Scenic Route and Wild Route.

In 2017 the decision was made to expand the services of West Coast Way by incorporating all tourism marketing related services of FusionDesign into the specialist unit of West Coat Way.

The 3 Top Reasons to invest in a West Coast Way package for the best Cape West Coast Marketing:

1) Benefit from marketing aimed at an international and local audience.
2) Attract new business without lifting a finger.
3) Build your name through the power of association with other top Cape West Coast attractions.

Die 3 Voordele van ‘n West Coast Way Pakket:
1) Slaan munt uit bemarking gerig op ‘n internasionale en plaaslike gehoor.
2) Lok nuwe besigheid sonder om ‘n vinger te verroer.
3) Bou jou naam deur die krag van assosiasie met ander top Kaapse Weskus aantreklikhede.

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Cape West Coast Marketing

In West Coast Way Seasonal Campaigns

National and International communications plan and campaign promoting the best deals and tips for unforgettable family stays along the R27, West Coast Biodiversity Corridor, N7 and Kardoesie N7’s ‘7 Stops on the N7’.

Road-Trip-Southern-Africa-West-Coast-Way-Routes West Coast Way is South Africa’s road trip with the most twists. Explore a unique collection of 101 road trip stops along themed routes by planning a self-drive trip or guided tour for a nature and adventure-filled Cape West Coast vacation. The new West Coast Way “basket” of free routes on offer include the West Coast Way Tractor Route, the West Coast Way Berg Route, the West Coast Way Foodie Route, the West Coast Way Cultural Route, the West Coast Way Wild Route – as well as the newly launched Cape Way Route – all of which are designed to showcase the many attractions and activities that are already on offer on the Cape West Coast and inland areas – but may be unknown to many. For more information on West Coast Way, the other routes on offer, and the list of 101 Things to Do on the West Coast visit or call West Coast Way on 0861 321 777. Connect with West Coast Way on Facebook and Twitter at WestCoastWaySA.

Proof of positive results achieved through the West Coast Way initiative & developed routes by Wesgro in their 2014/15 tourism report:

The growing popularity in the heritage-inspired Culture Route (sic…along Groenekloof area) and the leisure inspired Foodie Route (sic…along Blue Benguela coast line) is underlined by the activities indicated by visitors during the 2014/15 summer season; with scenic drives (30.8%), gourmet restaurants (15.1%), outdoor activities (13.6%), culture/heritage (11.4%) and fishing (4.0%) ranking as the top five activities enjoyed in the Cape West Coast. The role played by West Coast Way, a private initiative procured by Sanparks to promote the West Coast Bio-diversity Corridor from Blaauwberg Nature Reserve to the West Coast National Park cannot be understated. With many attractions on the West Coast realising increased visitor numbers since their inception.

Client Testimonials

Michael Daiber CEO !Khwa ttu San Culture and Education Centre says:
West Coast Way for the West Coast 
“In the course of a year West Coast way have increased the West Coast ‘s online presence significantly both in google and social networks. They have found innovative ways to provide value to consumers, and connected the West Coast trade partners to visitors. We’ve been impressed with the information published, to ensure that our region’s online presence is streamlined and engaging. It has been a wonderful value add for West Coast tourism.”

West Coast Way for !Khwa ttu
“West Coast Way has exceeded our expectations with innovative online marketing and social media campaigns. This has been a much needed and an exciting addition to the niche tourism product offerings. They filled a strategic gap for a truly professional marketing company dedicated to the West Coast. Their team includes devoted individuals with excellent experience, their positive attitude and extended network surpassed all our expectations. Their in-depth knowledge on tourism perspectives has transformed our ability to stay focused on the issues that matters most in our continued development.”

Thys and Amalia van Niekerk from Thali Thali Game Lodge says:
“The greatest advantage of West Coast Way is our increased exposure on social media platforms.  The routes are also a fantastic way of showing off the undiscovered gems we possess here on the West Coast.”

Dianne Le Roux of Darling Tourism says:

“At a time when many markets are seeing a loss of traffic through their offices Darling is seeing an increase in visitor numbers and enquiries. The West Coast Way route is clearly driving tourists to explore the West Coast a little further. I’ve seen a substantial increase in exposure on social media platforms for Darling over the time that we’ve been working with the West Coast Way team. Our twitter account has grown from next to nothing to 1800 followers within months and our face book page has seen a 25% increase in friends.

It’s been such a pleasure to work with someone who just ‘gets’ Darling; is enthusiastic about our tourism offering and understands our brand.

What appears to be working especially well for us is the multi-layered approach with generic marketing being done through Darling Tourism plus many of the individual local tourism products being on board. West Coast Way has also brought some exciting new projects to the table and we look forward to working together on these in the future.

Thank you Carmen and team for going above and beyond the terms of our contract to follow up on opportunities to ensure maximum exposure for Darling!”

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Connect with West Coast Way on Facebook and Twitter at WestCoastWaySA.

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