More than just Bokkoms in Bokkomlaan

Bokkomlaan is THE destination for a day of goodness in the heart of  Velddrif

Cruise the West Coast Way along the R27 from Cape Town, and in less than 2 hours, you’ll arrive in one of South Africa’s famous old fishing towns – Velddrif. This charming little town was first discovered in 1497 by Vasco da Gama when he was in search of water in St Helena Bay.

Many years later, the town’s name came about when a farmer, Theuns Smith, was on a journey with his cattle and needed to pass through a “drift” in the veld. After Velddif was formally recognized in 1946, the town’s fishing industry skyrocketed. Today Velddrif is known for fishing, salt produce, and tourism.

Situated in the Bergrivier, the region that shines with its diverse landscape, unique biodiversity, natural beauty, and cultural encounters, there’s no doubt that Bokkomlaan should be your first stop when you hit the road to this northern part of the Cape.

Catch Bokkomlaan and Velddrif on the West Coast Way Berg Route and Foodie Route.

Wander along the oldest road in Velddrif

Legendary Bokkomlaan hugs the banks of the Berg River and is the oldest road in the town. It is currently listed as a cultural heritage site and, to this day, is the epicentre of the fish drying industry. Infused with history and tradition, Bokkomlaan remains “die bokkomhoofstad van Suid-Afrika” with its 12 historic fish drying sheds (vishuise), some of which have now been reconstructed into restaurants, cafes, and art galleries. This gravel lane is also the living and hangout quarters of a variety of bird species that frequent the outside of the restaurants and the jetty walkways on the riverbank – which offers a flower-filled scenery across the Berg River waters.

Eat to your heart’s content at Ek en Djy Vissery

 Ek en Djy Vissery is a Restaurant and Bar in Bokkomlaan, a foodie and drinker’s bliss. The restaurant and bar has enough seating for a minibus full of travellers. Take a seat on the doorstep of the restaurant or on the piers above the river, which make the Ek en Djy Vissery dining experience an unparalleled one.

Pop in at Ek en Djy Vissery and meet Velddrif’s top model, Bokkom Bettie, who is surrounded by antiques and quirky items and quotes that will surely make you laugh out loud. P.S. keep an eye out for Ek en Djy Vissery Etc products to take a piece of Velddrif home with you. The restaurant and bar stocks:

  • Bokkom strips
  • Bokkom powder
  • Bokkom jam

Operating hours: The kitchen is open every day from 09h00 – 15h00. Closed on Tuesdays.

Explore the Berg River with Cracklin’ Rosie Boat Tours

Enjoy the easy life next to the Berg River with Cracklin’ Rosie Boat Tours. Cracklin’ Rosie is a small boat that departs from Bokkomlaan every day, providing guests with a 2-hour trip upriver to experience the beauty of the Bergrivier from a different standpoint. Cracklin’ Rosie Boat Tours offers birdwatching amongst:

  • Day cruises
  • Sunset cruises
  • Small events
  • Birthday parties

2-hour cruises: R250 pp (10h00 — 12h00 & 17h00 — 19h00)

1-hour cruises: R125 pp (12h30 — 13h30)

Bookings: Wendy – 071 897 9611 or Nico – 073 627 4908

Get a taste of hand-roasted heritage at Columbine Co.

“Bokkomlaan’s favourite”, and most definitely a Velddrif local’s favourite too, is Columbine Co. This small but impressively splendid coffee shop serves the most perfect hand-roasted cup of coffee. Even though it is situated in a remote area of the Bergrivier region, the coffee shop is usually buzzing with caffeinated visitors who enjoy the pleasant atmosphere, who love a little coffee date with their dog, and those who need a sufficient recharge before hitting the road once again.

Operating hours: Open every day from 08h00 – 16h00.

Indulge in a Weskus adventure on your next road trip with the most twists! Whether you’re a nature lover or a foodie, you can’t miss Bokkomlaan – a must-visit destination – on your West Coast Way Road Trip. Get ready for an authentic Weskus experience!

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