!Khwa ttu Conferences are Fun

Creative, in touch with nature and offering a truly unique experience makes !Khwa ttu a memorable choice for events and conferences.

West Coast’s Culture Route in the West Coast Way

Hansie joined a group of bloggers and journalists from the inner city to experience the newly launched Culture Route of the Cape West Coast. Read more about his adventures… to Mamre, Tienie Versveld Reserve and !Khwa ttu San Culture and Heritage Centre.

10 Things to do in Darling

Darling is like a fine wine; sit back, raise your glass and enjoy everything this quaint town has to offer.

!Khwa ttu San Spirit Discovered

!Khwa ttu is responsible tourism in action. Responsible tourism is selling hope for the future of the earth and the people of the area. It is well deserving of our support.

April Events

Autumn is upon us and with the cooling weather comes warm, inviting & traditional foods and cosy fireplaces. Don’t let the cold keep you at home, here are our top April Events on the Cape West Coast:

Discover the Cape West Coast Biosphere Trails

The Cape West Coast Biosphere launched exciting trails to highlight the bio diversity of this special area.

Children’s Trails at !Khwa ttu

This family-focused adventure destination caters for everyone, from kids’ adventure cycling trails, serious single tracks MTB to relaxing restaurant.

How to raise little explorers

It’s school holiday time and if you are taking that much-deserved family holiday then you may feel a bit nerve-wracked with the prospect of travelling with children. But it doesn’t have to be a stressful time, as you can use this as an opportunity to raise little explorers.

Why the West Coast Way is better than Scotland or Greece

The highlands of Scotland and the waters of Greece have nothing on a certain stretch of coast on the southern tip of Africa.

Exploring the Culture Route with the Roaming Giraffe

Explore the Culture Route with Di Brown, the Roaming Giraffe. Featuring Mamre, !Khwa ttu and Tienie Versveld Wildflower Reserve

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