The Dunes 4×4

The Dunes 4×4 wants to offer you a real desert experience, on the West Coast.

Located on the West Coast Way Wild RouteThe Dunes


The Dunes 4X4 is located on the West Coast Way Wild Route. They know where miles and miles of snow white sand dunes can be found on the West Coast. Their website explains that as these are not beach dunes they are not affected by the beach ban of driving on sand dunes. The people at The Dunes like to refer to these dunes as a giant sand pit.

Apart from experiencing a slice of desert life, you can test your 4×4 driving skills; you can ride quad bikes on the white sand dunes; you can surf the dunes on sand boards or you can go walkabout to explore the vistas.

Or you could always cartwheel down a dune if the urge takes you! Re-awaken your inner child could be the motto for this activity!

Apart from 4×4 trails, The Dunes also offer sundowner trips with a surprise feature (cartwheels optional) and quad bike tours.

The 4×4 routes last for 3 to 6 hours although it’s only 26 kilometres long. You can imagine how much fun it involves if you read this, can’t you!?

Be prepared… you might lose face as the grading is moderate to difficult. Many vehicles have become stuck in the sand on these 4×4 tours, but instant help – and some good-natured bantering – is on hand immediately. This should not deter you – though routes can be tailored, should you choose – at all; rather view it as a challenge where you can develop your own skills and test the capabilities of your 4×4. Keep in mind that tyre pressure, power and momentum are the keys to a successful adventure. You do not need a low range gearbox though.

Also, keep in mind that a maximum of 20 vehicles is allowed.

The Dunes can be found 10 kilometres outside of Lamberts Bay, on the R364, otherwise known as the Clanwilliam Road. In flower season i.e. in spring and summer the vistas offer an extra bonus.

Booking is essential for everything offered as described above.
Camping overnight – no electricity, but with hot showers and flush toilet – can be arranged especially if you have brought the family along.

This is also ideal for a team-building exercise.

Find The Dunes 4X4 on the West Coast Way Wild Route.

Open 7 days a week
Distance from Cape Town: 262km 
Where: R364, Lamberts Bay
Coordinates: 32.0978° S, 18.3267° E
Contact: (c) +27 (0)83 229 0819 | Dunes



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