Darling Brew Tasteroom & Brewery

Road tripping is thirsty work so be sure to stop at the new Darling Brew Tasteroom & Brewery for a taste of ‘slow living’.

Located on the West Coast Way Culture RouteDarling Brew Tasteroom & Brewery


Darling Brew is located on the West Coast Way Culture Route. After various meanderings across the African continent, Kevin and Philippa Wood returned home in 2007 with the dream of establishing a microbrewery with a big heart. Today, their dream is a reality in the shape of Darling Brew Tasteroom & Brewery – a first rate microbrewery in Darling that produces some of the best craft beers in South Africa. Find Darling Brew on the West Coast WayCulture Route.

In keeping with the ethos of the town, Kevin and Philippa created the concept of Slow Beer – an unhurried fermentation process to compliment the lifestyle in the area.

Beers created by Darling Brew are named after nature and animals that inspire the owners. These include the geometric tortoise, the verraux eagle, the honey badger and roan antelope.

Darling Brew has a collection of 11 beers and includes a light lager, a pale ale and an Indian Ale. The signature drink is an extreme lager named Slow Beer, which is complemented by an ever-growing range of Darling Brew beers including Silver Back, Rogue Pony, Gypsy Mask, Thunder Bird, Sungazer, Black Mist, Bone Crusher and Slow Beer. Each one a ‘slow beer’ experience.

Darling Brew beer can be purchased or enjoyed at the new Darling Brew Tasteroom & Brewery at 48 Caledon Street in Darling.

Visitors can see the brewing process, enjoy a selection of beer tasters and purchase some of their favourites to take home. The tasteroom, operated by Flying Pig CureSmiths, offers a locally sourced smoke house menu where the concept of slow beer and slow food truly come together. The menu includes a variety of artisanal tapas, salads and slow-cured meat dishes based on traditional recipes with a number of beer pairings. The menu can be enjoyed indoors or outside in the garden where an open-air kids play area tops off the experience to be one that the whole family can enjoy.

The open-air kids play area makes it a venue that the whole family can enjoy.

The food on offer is seasonal and locally sourced. New seasonal beers bring new food pairings ensuring a menu that is varied and interesting offering a smorgasbord of Darling’s best cheese, permaculture produce like pomegranates and cured meat. The restaurant works on a walk-in basis, so there is no need to book, however groups larger than 10 are encouraged to book to avoid disappointment.

Book your table: 

+27 (0)21 286 1099

Before you leave, remember to load up your car with your favourite Darling Brews to enjoy at home.

Darling Brew is also the host of the Darling Brew Extreme MTB Race held in the area every year.

Darling and the surrounding area offer numerous MTB trails and hiking routes. The new Tasteroom serves as a trail head and end, offering MTB trail information, car parking, toilets and showers. Sitting back and relaxing with a craft beer is the ideal way to finish your adventure. Get information on Darling MTB trails by visiting www.wolwefontein.co.za.

The Darling Brew Tasteroom & Brewery offer live events, so be sure to check their website for the latest news. With this picturesque little town being so close to Cape Town it is a perfect venue for a weekend break-away or a holiday from the city. There are many diverse attractions ranging from flowers and bird watching to outdoor sports, hiking, art routes, a treasure hunt, a comedy show at Evita se Perron or wine tasting at some of the excellent estates in the area.

Darling truly has something to offer for everyone and every taste. Visit Groote Post, Darling Cellars, Cloof and Ormonde Wines and add to your Darling Brew Experience.

Find Darling Brew Tasteroom & Brewery on the West Coast Way Culture & Foodie Route.

Distance from Cape Town: 76km
Darling Brew Tasteroom & Brewery: 48 Caledon Street, Darling
Brewery, Restaurant, Tastings & Sales, open-air kids play area, MTB-friendly, Live Events
School Holidays & Flower Season: Open 7 days a week.

Tasteroom operating hours:

  • Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9 am to 5 pm Kitchen closes at 4 pm
  • Friday 9 am to 7 pm Kitchen closes at 6 pm
  • Saturday 9 am to 5 pm Kitchen closes at 4 pm
  • Sunday 10 am to 4 pm Kitchen closes at 3 pm
  • They are also open for private functions. The restaurant works on a walk in basis but large groups are encouraged to book

They are also open for private functions. The restaurant works on a walk in basis but large groups are encouraged to book.

Contact: +27 (0)21 286 1099 | tasteroom@darlingbrew.co.za | www.darlingbrew.co.za

Darling Brew Tasteroom & Brewery





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