Porterville is the only region in South Africa where the very rare Disa Uniflora flower is found. Go paragliding, hiking or taste organically produced wines.


A town famous for the rarest of flowers and picturesque mountains

Flying under the banner “Enjoy Our Heritage”, Porterville is a picturesque Cape West Coast town located at the foot of the Olifants River Mountains.

The region around Porterville is famous as the only place where the very rare Uniflora Disa, a beautiful yellow flower, can be found. Even more remarkable is Porterville’s small sulphur yellow Disa colony – the only one of its kind in the world.

Porterville has a variety of hiking trails to intriguing destinations like De Hel (the hell) and De Tronk (the jail) where impressive rock formations can be found. There is also a waterfall trail dotted with waterfalls.

Go hiking, star gazing (the town has a special star gazing event) or take on a 4×4 route.

Distance from Cape Town: 144.6km
Where: On the R44
Open 7 days a week | Free entry
Contact: info@portervilletourism.co.za | +27 22 931 3732 |   www.portervilletourism.co.za