A village famous for its night sky and known as the “centre of the universe” on account of the French astronomer Abbe De la Caille who used the spot to determine the shape of the earth in 1751.


The so-called “centre of the universe” named after the Roman goddess of dawn

In the 18th century Abbé Nicolas de le Caille set up an observatory in Aurora and went on to, somewhat controversially, conclude that the earth was pear-shaped.

Starlit skies and Aurora’s remote location make it a spot where you can truly unwind and find some peace of mind.

The town has a beautiful church at its centre and there are surprisingly well-known restaurants. Amazing flower displays rounds of the offering off this small Sandveld gem.

Go star gazing or enjoy a meal at a restaurant.

Distance from Cape Town: 167.3km
Where: On the R27
Open 7 days a week | Free entry
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