Kogelberg Nature Reserve

Kogelberg Nature Reserve is one of Cape Nature’s prettiest reserves thanks to the fact that the area is untouched by people in the past and is today the heart of the Cape Floral Kingdom.

Located on the West Coast Way Cape Way Route


Kogelberg Nature Reserve is located on the West Coast Way Cape Way Route.  The fynbos is exceptional! As you drive past it on the R44 Clarence Scenic Drive, from Gordons Bay to Bot River mouth, you are surprized by how green it is in the midst of the hottest Cape summers and misty winter days. Here are no buildings and houses – only natural beauty with the finest example of mountains with 1654 plant species of which 77 are endemic. The three patches of relic indigenous forest is simaler to the celebrated Knysna forest. Look out for the endemic fresh-water crab and endangered micro-frog is also found in the Kogelberg Nature Reserve. It’s UNESCO biosphere reserve recognition symbolizes that people can live in harmony with nature.

The Kogelberg Nature Reserve forms part of the 100 000 Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve. A biosphere reserve is an area of coastal and terrestrial eco-systems. The buffer zone supports eco-friendly recreational activities, wildflower farms and some private properties where nature is nurtured. This area offers many sightseeing opportunities such as spotting the Verreaux Eagle, klipspringer and baboons. Whales and dolphins can be viewed too as you take on the hike past the Steenbras River Gorge, crystal clear mountain pools, cascading waterfalls, to the Steenbras Dam. A day trail allows for walking, swimming and resting, giving you an opportunity to appreciate Mother Nature.

If you want to visit, here are some tips: Permits are required to enter the reserve. Please stay on the marked areas. There are set opening and closing times that changes depending on the seasonal changes. Toilet facilities are available at the Oudebosch Office.

Keen to hike? Then this is the place for you. In biosphere terms this area is a ‘low-impact’ recreation area. Here are 4 to choose from: Kogelberg Trail (20 kms, 8 – 9 hours, circular route, moderate to long grade, 12 people group limit), Palmiet River Walk (9 to 18 kms, 3 to 7 hours, circular, easy grade, 10 people group limit), Oudebosch to Leopard’s Gorge (6 kms, 3 – 4 hours, one way only route, ends at Harold Porter Botanical Garden, moderate grade).

You can also go on a Canoe Trail – covering 15 kmsof the Palmiet River. This is an all day affair open in the winter month’s only when the river is full. This is for competent experienced canoeists.

For keen mountain bikers the Kogelberg Nature Reserve offers a free-wheeling life. The reserve offers cyclists two routes: Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve MTB Trail and Palmiet River Valley MTB Trail. Bookings are essential. Contact Maverick Cycle on +27 (0)21 851 4192.

Kogelberg Nature Reserve is located on the West Coast Way Cape Way Route

Open 7 Days a week
Distance from Cape Town: 109.9km
Where: N2
Contact: +27 (0)87 288 0499 | www.capenature.co.za






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