Long Street

Entering the city bowl of Cape Town typically has one land up in bustling Long Street – where nightlife is the. Many gorgeous Victorian-era buildings line the one-way street filled with restaurants, bars, clubs, quirky shops as well as a range of hotels and backpackers.

Located on the West Coast Way Cape Way RouteLong Street


Find Long Street on the West Coast Way Cape Way Route

One of the real old gems of the old Cape Town, Long Street is still a bustling hive of city folk going about their daily lives during the work week. Strolling from The Foreshore in the high-rise downtown area of the city, you’ll gradually climb up Long Street passing numerous African antique stores, dusty bookshops and cute fashion boutiques.

Bars such as the BeerHouse stocks 99 bottles of beers from all over plus beer on tap which can be sampled via tasting boards. Their balcony provides the perfect people-watching platform or a great space to meet up with friends for a drink. There are stacks of other bars such as The Dubliner (great music, and the best live sports spot) and Bob’s Bar which is a lively evening venue.

Fiction is a total vibe come 22:00 and the party will keep going in this club until the wee hours of the morning. The Waiting Room and Café Mojito won’t let you down lightly either! Royale Eatery has the best burgers in the street and Long Street Café offers a rad setting and vibe in the old Victorian structure. Mama Africa has live marimba music to add to your African themed dining experience.

Long Street is also home to the Long Street Baths, an indoor heated swimming pool and Turkish Baths which has been here since 1908. You’ll find the baths used by local city residents, business persons having a lunchtime swim or city visitors looking for a bit of relaxed exercise.

Parallel to Long Street lies the busy Adderley Street which runs past the busy Cape Town Station, and on the Signal Hill side is the super trendy Bree Street which has the cities best bakeries, cafes and great restaurants too. If the bustling nightlife saps all your energy just a short walk away will take you into Bree Street and you can reenergize in quieter space.

If you’re looking for a place to spend a night or base yourself from during a Cape Town holiday look no further to the wonderful Long Street Boutique Hotel!

Smalls detours from Long Street include The Company’s Garden, Greenmarket Square and the vibrant Malay Quarter known as the Bo-Kaap.

Long Street is located on the West Coast Way Cape Way Route

Open 7 Days a week
Distance from Cape Town: 1 km
Where: Long Street, City Centre

Long Street




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